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About me...

I'm a lecturer working on weather and climate science. I investigate European extreme events and Antarctic climate change.

I now work at Brunel University, having been a postdoc at Manchester University and a PhD student at Birmingham University.

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Andrew Russell

January 2015: So, I don't tend to update this site very much anymore (I spend more time on my blog or work webpages). I do still use it to host documents etc. so I'm going to keep it. Nonetheless, don't expect things here to be particularly up-to-date!

Blog and podcast

I write a blog looking at anything to do with weather and climate: Please take a look! I also contribute to a weather and climate podcast - The Barometer.

Convective Storms

The aim of my research is to understand how thunderstorms form. In particular, I am interested in the impact of upper level atmospheric features. My work involves analysing observational data from various campaigns and I also use computer models. I'll be focusing on the development of atmospheric lids during the COPS work. You can find more details of my work here.

Atmospheric Signals in an Antarctic Ice Core

My PhD research aimed to identify atmospheric circulation signals in an Antarctic ice core. If you'd like to read more about that work, then click here.


I've included a list of my publications to date on this website and, where appropriate, there is a pdf copy available. This page also includes a list of conference presentations and posters that I have given.

Public Engagement

I have been doing quite a few things outside of my research, such as chairing the committee of the North-West Local Centre of the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) and trying to encourage kids into science through my work as a NOISEmaker. There's more details on this work, and some other things I've been doing here on my Outreach page.


I've put a short version of my CV on this website. If you'd like to take a look, the pdf is here.


There's a page of links that will be of use if you wish to find out more about CSIP, my PhD supervisors or societies/professional organisations of interest to meteorologists. There's also a couple of personal links there too.


You can email me at andrew.russell at or see here for other options.

Finally, thanks for visiting Please come again!

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